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Maa Ganga Aarti at the sacred town of Haridwar
देवि सुरेश्वरि भगवति गङ्गे त्रिभुवनतारिणि तरलतरङ्गे ।
शङ्करमौलिविहारिणि विमले मम मतिरास्तां तव पदकमले ॥१॥

Devi Sureshvari Bhagavati Gangge Tribhuvana-Taarinni Tarala-Tarangge |
Shangkara-Mauli-Vihaarinni Vimale Mama Matir-Aastaam Tava Pada-Kamale ||
Devi Bhagavati Ganga, the Goddess of the Devas, You liberate the Three Worlds with the (merciful) waves of Your Liquid Form, O the Stainless Pure One Who resides in the Head of Shankara(Shiv), May my Devotion remain firmly established on YourLotus Feet.

भागीरथि सुखदायिनि मातस्तव जलमहिमा निगमे ख्यातः ।
नाहं जाने तव महिमानं पाहि कृपामयि मामज्ञानम् ॥२॥

Bhaagiirathi Sukha-Daayini Maatas-Tava Jala-Mahimaa Nigame Khyaatah |
Naaham Jaane Tava Mahimaanam Paahi Krpaamayi Maam-Ajnyaanam ||
(Salutations to Devi Ganga) O Mother Bhagirathi, You give Joy to All, and the Glory of Your Water is praised in theScriptures, I do not know Your Glory fully, but inspite of my Ignorance, please protect me, O Compassionate Mother.

Maa Ganga is the one of the most loved and worshiped goddess of natural pantheon of Hinduism.
Shri Maa Ganga has come on the earth for the happiness, prosperity, salvation, mental peace and deliverance (Moksha) of the people.

Aarti of Shri Gangaji is a Vedic ritual and the main event of Haridwar in which light of 51 or 101 wicks soaked in oil or ghee and camphor is offered to Goddess Ganga. Everyone has a desire to perform Aarti of Shri Gangaji for mental peace, happiness, and prosperity in his family.
Ganga Aarti is an important event in the everyday life of Haridwar. Every evening hundreds of devotees gather at the Ghats...
Ganga Pooja is done on all days especially on the auspicious day of Ganga Dassehra to worship the Moksha giving Maa Ganga...
Abhishek of Maa Ganga is a ritual devoted to the godess performed for happiness, mental peas and prosperity of the family...

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